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The Cutting Edge

Insights & Strategies For The Emerging Spritual Warrior


The Cutting Edge:

Insights & Strategies for the Emerging Spiritual Warrior

In The Cutting Edge you will discover who you are, what God has called you to do and how the fire of the Holy Spirit activates you to do it. The Cutting Edge will equip you with insights and answers that have not yet been revealed to you. Fall in love with God and His presence as you walk with Him down the path of true and authentic existence.




Renata Ritter, Author and Spiritual Trainer

Renata Ritter

Renata Ritter is an author and spiritual trainer. She is an experienced woman of God who inspires, motivates, and encourages people to recognize and use their spiritual gifting. She freely shares her vivid experiences so that you can use her knowledge and practical insights to remove obstacles that are holding you back, activating and establishing your dreams. Renata and her husband, Mike, reside in Minneapolis and enjoy spending time with their three sons and their families.